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How Does BZOTech's Outsourcing Work?

Set up a meeting with one of our team members to discuss your project ideas and needs.

We go through your requirements and find web solutions that are both effective and practical for you.

The team begins designing the solution after the requirements have been established.

The quality assurance team guarantees that everything is on track after the development and final review by the customer.

After all tests and modifications have been completed, our staff will launch your brand-new site to assure the greatest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of developing a website depends on the project itself. To estimate the real cost, you’ll need to discuss your needs with the web development team.

Quality is important at BZOTech. A good and powerful website takes at least one to two weeks to construct. This timeframe may need to be changed significantly based on your individual requirements and the type of your firm.

We team up with our clients to have a better understanding of their company goals. Then we create a road plan for the work that needs to be done, as well as specific solutions for the website’s availability and performance.

Based on your budget and company requirements, you should select a platform that provides exactly what you desire. The features and styles of each eCommerce platform are diffirent. And platforms such as WordPress and Magento are priced differently and have various functionalities.

Website creation, theme design, configuration, installation, PSD to WordPress, third-party integrations and plugin development are just a few of the services offered by BZOTech. For effective website development, BZOTech’s developers have the ideal mix of practical and technical knowledge.

Of course. Our developers will review your current site and help you upgrade or transition to WordPress. They can also walk you through the website creation process and ensure that all of the necessary parts are included.

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